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Spring show bead light

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Spring show bead light sweet emotional appeal pure

Eye shadow is no longer tied to only use in eyelid, will use a lot of dense colourful pink in eye head place, rub out the up and down, and have extended to palpebral forehead and eyes, in the place, draw a bullish pinkish purple, and deliberately empty, manufacturing balance. Now wedding is very expensive and complex, in addition to a fine of makeup look, on loan a angel wedding dresses, ready to dressing evening dresses at the dinner party.
You don't have to get bogged down in the so-called make up rules, this one season you can put the pink used in eye shadow, look line on the lips, nails,, or simply like SHUUEMURA same, create a new cheek is red, pink and painting will pale pink match each other.The wedding, in addition to marriage gauze, there're a lot of things need to prepare for, just as it is women shoes, and that is a representative of the individual grade. Her partner also had better wear clean and tidy, taylor made suits is the best.
from the right, started model forehead to the triangle method, the symmetry of gorgeous pink large area brush on the face, right frontal and left cheek coloring is heavier, and LIDS and bridge of the nose because facial features prominent, let pink natural transition can.

Restore ancient ways the hairstyle, pink light coffee color collocation of eye shadow show a luxuriant sense.In addition to clothing, the most important is fashion jewelry. It can make you an instant temperament up.

Eye ministry large area USES pink, pink is tender feels dye-in-the-wood. Short hair BOBO can show more unfocused charming girl.

Simple lady makeup look, of labial ministry pink let youth temperament more seductive.

Not the least little detail

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Probably a lot, you are also thinking about this question: why some same coat, wear on you to look over that is forgotten, on others wholesale cheap fashion jewelry
immediately to glow the new life? Why the same accessories, appear on you always be ignored, in others can be a focus? No, not your congenital conditions are worse than others, also is not your grade has a problem, just LED light Manufacturer street snap circles some conventional unspoken rule, you probably don't really fathom what!!!!!

Like with a coat than looks good on any, cuff, leg have to arm up, glasses, did have to prepare hat is there... These are all just a introduction, may you know may also don't know, but if Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer you really want to change da, from now on, you should have to learn! Want to know, clothes is dead, the people are living, and want from passers-by step change, in addition to the da to choose, you still have to learn how to use it.

Think about yourself, even if will buy a beautiful coat, probably also direct put on call. But, in the street, in addition to our eyes take direct put on, they will still be found outside of concave shape new way to it.

For those who YingTing texture, heavy winter coat, such as suits, NeDaYi, PI cao and so on, of people's choice is often covered with more than wearing, Tin Boxes Supplier greed have the natural and unrestrained manner the care, and let itself coat into like cloak or cloak general, a change in two, to save money and smart. Of course, this doohickey probably a lot of people now have learned. So, to chun xia season of people and playing, the new game, that is--tied at the waist.

Different lighting

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Different lighting of the different USES

Domestic bedroom commonly used lamps and lanterns, according to function and layont can divide the following several types:


Bull droplight and single head droplight, the former used in the sitting room, the latter for the bedroom or restaurant. Some will be LED tube light bulb installed in white circulate, make the light scattering downy, some cover mouth down, direct light shimmering bright indoor, appears light. Still have a kind of cover mouth upward, lamplight shine to the ceiling, then spread to the light reflected off a bit weak, uniform, the luminosity downy and pleasing to the eye. Bull droplight has a variety of flower formative grind arenaceous glass lamp, have a layer and multi-layer cent, color are colorless, pure white, pink, pale blue, green, yellow, that suckles white and crystalline light etc. Single head droplight, many for milk white spherical droplight, or flowerpot shape droplight. There is a serpentine hose adjustable lift droplight, have a big chimney, by a glass or plastic two kinds of materials, the light bulb in enclosure, chimney with different shapes, colour diversity, commonly used to install at mensal upper part of the roof.

Desk lamp

Used in the bedroom nightstand, short ark or study desk, modelling colour is protean. Usually divided into two types: process desk lamp and writing desk lamp. Process desk lamp had glass wear away, ceramic colored glaze, cloisonne enamel and plastic spraying products etc, emphasized the arts modelling and adornment effect. Writing desk lamp are metal snakeskin tubes work desk lamp, nip type spring rocker suspension desk lamp, seat type adjustable light resin desk lamp, seat type adjustable light enamel desk LED strip light, copper seat classical pillar groove single porcelain masks desk lamp, groove double porcelain masks desk lamp, classical candlestick type desk lamp, table lamp, classical kerosene lamp type double lamp godfathers mother type glass desk lamp, etc, the function is used to read, write, for not pervious to light more than chimney to pervious to light, or half a shining concentration. Should try to use the incandescent light bulb light source, unfavorable use low wattage fluorescence GuanDeng to the person's eye, otherwise there will be unfavorable influences.

Days lanterns

Say again to absorb dome light, widely used in hallway, corridor, kitchen and bath lavatory, balcony etc place. Days lanterns applies to low-standard times, regular decoration products. Chimney had glass and PS board two kinds, points milky white and ice pattern, form a square, long form, round, sphere, cylindrical, etc. Photometric downy, uniform, modelling is honest, generous.

According to the Tibetan lamp or half of Tibetan under according to the lamp. Under

Can decorate on the roof, the head of a bed upper part, cabinets, wait for place, still can wall, ground, hanging suspended. Vestibular, sitting room, bedroom ceiling can install several LED spot light rectangle, tubular down at, the bathroom is installed inside the glass lamp of concave groove as light, bedroom under the bed bilateral symmetry installation as wall lamp, television under the hood under nearby outfit virescent according to wall lamp. Sculpture formative lamp under more like works of art as in recent years, wide popular.

Tracks shoot the light

Pure white or rice white metal spray or made with enamel, projected beam can focus on a painting, a sculpture, a potted flower, and even the master sat back, most can swivel create colorful artistic LED flood light effects. Used in the sitting room, vestibular, bedroom, or establish a lamp, also can put much light. Its colour, quantity, position should be consistent with furniture tonal, the height of the ceiling is usually next 10-20 centimeters, or corner corner, function not take its illume, and focuses on adornment ornament effect.

Fashion charming

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Fashion charming is spruce wind
Charming is spruce wind is today season's big attraction, imaginative printing dress, through which initiation of the many creative and aesthetic feeling, it is called people laughing.

Long dress charm gracefuls charming eyes

The charm gracefuls grows in an elegant dress has been the stance of overlooking fashion lady for all new change, millions of innovation, and she see in the eye, but this does not worry, because she knew, she in fashion cheap wedding dresses, nothing can replace.

Star of wave point is not just wear cute

The 2011 summer, wave point beautiful case popular early are on the move. Most clear-eyed Tin Box, tide people can not insight into such symptom? Less than ten and a half months, elegant sweet wave points into the houses until the raging closets. Let us see stars is how to deduce wave point of wind restoring ancient ways?

Girls dress matchs compulsory broken flower

Chest the falbala of cascade is the most attractive, the dress also emit sweet female soft. And, seemingly simple skirt design also will women most delicate side show.

Irregular wave point design, such as the sky was nifty a lovely clouds. Before the bosom into leather cord chalaza design, also very good highlighted the girl's personal charisma.

Accept waist chalaza plus cuffs place aid design, fine workmanship and extremely cultivate one's morality. Unique multi-layer not gage side cheap women shoes, showed the decorous temperament quality woman.

Geometric designs over the years have always been big brands use the latest fashion up and goes in tide cutting-edge you affirmation cannot be attracted to this dress.

Court move hubble-bubble sleeve, just modify the weakness of the Oriental shoulders; Whether sheet, wear, or tie-in coat and coat are quite good.

In many sweet dress style, believe that many people are of this elegant chiffon dress is attracted. Although not cultivate one's morality but temperament, is the full skirt is a commuter or date of rare sheet is tasted.

Sweet sweet princess Energy-saving lamps, the seemingly simple skirt type contains too many surprises. Especially the bud under layers of gauze design, beautiful enough to make many beautiful eyebrow several times the dilated pupils.

Elegant woman can always turn ordinary clothes wear out of this chi rater itself is transcendent to wear in the United States eyebrow of body, how good effect must also waiting for you to try to know.

LED species

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Cooling of the substrate LED species

1, introduction LED module now widely used in electronic related products, with the application scope expanding and the improving of the lighting system about since 1990, the requirement of high power, especially sharp rises in the greatest demand BaiGuangGao power type on the lighting system, now the use of plate type heat Exchangers power has not only 1W leds, 3W, 5W even reach 10W above, so the heat of the substrate cooling effectiveness has become the most important issues. The main factors that affect the LED heat containing LED chip, chip loading board and chip packing and module material and design, and LED encapsulation materials are cumulative heat conduction modes mostly are scattered out, so the LED chip substrate and the design and LED chip packing material will become a major key.
2, thermal substrate for the influence of LED module
From 1970 LED after the began soon after a red, the evolution of LED to blu-ray and green, initial use mostly in some sign, such as home appliances to the instructions, started in 2000, BaiGuangGao power LED to the emergence of the use of LED, begin to enter another stage, such as outdoor large to see the version, small display back light source (figure 1), but with the rapid evolution of high power, expected after 2010, from vehicle lighting, indoor and special lighting growing demand, but these high power lighting equipment, its thermal efficiency requirements for PE tough, the high ceramic substrates cooling capacity and high heat resistance, air tightness, therefore, ceramic substrates for current high power LED the most commonly used one of the substrate materials.

2 cooling substrate choice
It LED strip light chips on the development of bearing substrate to support chip is concerned, the base plate traditional PCB quality highly commercial characteristic, in the development initial period having quite LED influence. However, with the power of ascension that LED LED cooling capabilities of substrate, become one of the important material characteristics, therefore, ceramic substrates gradually become the main heat highly efficient leds substrate materials (such as table 1 shows), and gradually and widely used by market to accept. In recent years, in addition to ceramic substrates itself must be considered the material properties outside of problems, substrate, metal circuit line width, line diameter, metal surface smoothness and the requirements of adhesion of growing in the traditional thick film process makes the preparation of ceramic substrate, thus gradually don't apply use developed film type radiating ceramic substrates, this paper will target radiating ceramic substrates in thick film and film technology and product features differences make analysis.
3, radiating ceramic substrates
From the traditional PCB (FR4) board, to now ceramic substrates, LED tube light to a higher power demand unceasingly, at this stage of development of the ceramic substrates metal lines in thick film technology molding, however thick film printing of alignment accuracy makes it couldn't keep up with LED encapsulation technology advances, its main factors at higher power LED components for the cooling design, USES the eutectic and flip chip two encapsulation technology, these techniques can be used not only the import high luminous efficiency LED chip, more can dramatically reduce its thermal resistance and let jointing degrees to be more perfect, let whole operation of power are relatively ascension. But these two jointing way of applications in need to have precise metal circuit design, so the basis of exposure lithography for contrapuntal mode of radiating ceramic substrate film circuit design for accurate will become mainstream.
Thick film printing ceramic matrix edition
Thick film process mostly used nets printing forms lines and graphics, accordingly, its integrity of circuit patterns with lines the accuracy of the matchup with printing more often changes with nets edition tension, there is a clear difference between the progressive this result will influence subsequent encapsulating techniques on the accuracy vs; Moreover, with the element size is shrinking, nets printing graphic size and resolution also has its limitations, as size narrowed, half-tone printing office present each unit of the size difference (uniformity graphics with metal thickness difference also will be more apparent. In order to line size can shrink and accuracy, LED the strict requirement of the substrate heat production technology will inevitably continue to ascend. Thus film process launch became improvement method, but one of domestic have mature ceramic substrates film metallization process technology manufacturer is numbered. for
Thin-film technology used in ceramic substrates
Film technology import is can solve the above line size reduced process bottlenecks, combined with high vacuum coating technology and HuangGuangWei shadow technology, can will circuit patterns and diminishing, size in conformity with accurate lines contrapuntal requirements, its each unit graphics size low differences (high uniformity) more traditional half-tone printing office not easy reach results. In the request, under high heat conductivity film technology already can overcome current thick film technology in the bottleneck, accuracy matchups in the blank ceramic substrates (alumina/nitriding aluminum) after pretreatment, plating after the sputtering), seed layer (through repeated exposure, beatles photoresist enhancement, again will need lines thickening (plating/chemical plating), finally after to film, etching steps make lines forming, this process of preparation of products with high precision and better the lines of the metal coating surface smoothness.